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My Training Tools Today

Time hasn’t been my best friend lately. Unfortunately it keeps me restricted from being able to get as much work done towards my fitness and health as I’d like to commit. Either way, it’s no excuse to have absolutely no activity, so I decided to do a quick workout today using the above tools. Don’t let supposed restrictions hold you back from doing whats good for you. Remember that no matter how hard you work, someone is out there working just as hard or even harder than you. But also be aware of pushing too far past your limits. Know when to listen to your body: it will either tell you a lie (I won’t do push ups today, I don’t feel like sweating) or will tell you the truth (geez, I haven’t eaten for 12 hours, and only slept for 3. Maybe I should get some nutrients and rest in my system before training for 2.5 hours nonstop). Click To See The Workout


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Anton Krupicka - Well known American ultramarathon runner.

Continuing from the last rant I posted, I have a few other rebuttals and discussion points with regards to running and doing other training methods.

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It’s too often that I come across someone asking the above question. Women will address concerns of getting too bulky, but the great need at being toned and defined. Others will just love running so much that the thought alone of doing anything else is a waste of time that would be better spent… running. “My legs will be strong enough from running!” They often chime, but what about the rest of their body? Even at that, is all that running really enough to build true strength in the legs? Is it giving the proper training distribution and muscle balance needed in order to really keep not just the lower body, but the entire body healthy? Click To Continue Reading

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"Train, you must!"

Ok, so I’m a day late with the wishes, but yesterday was Star Wars Day  (something important for all my fellow nerds out there). Figured it was appropriate to name a workout after what I’d hope was a festive day. So here we have it, another bboy workout from TvB! This is meant as just a quick means of conditioning (improving muscular endurance, strength, getting some cardio benefits as well). I haven’t tried this one out yet, but its still guaranteed to make you sweat a bit. Click To See The Workout!

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… since I wrote a big list of my goals (I realized I wrote down 4 months in my original post, 3 months is good enough of a timeline i guess). A perfect opportunity for me to put my words into practice. So whats been happening the last few months? Have my goals changed? Have I been consistent?
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What is it?

Plyometrics is a method of training that involves fast, explosive movements. These days it’s pretty well recognized, as it’s become a staple of many strength and conditioning programs for athletes of various sports (1). Even the non-athlete/weekend warrior/once-in-a-while-active-person have incorporated aspects of this training into their workout routines (P90X anyone?). The gist of it lies in the physics of what happens during the movement. In its most basic sense, plyometrics is trying to maximize the force of a muscular contraction and minimize the amount of time it takes for that contraction to happen.  keep reading

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