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2013 - accapella dance

Hey Readers!

I uploaded a few videos from a practice I had about a week ago. I’d taken a month off from dancing because school has been a little bit hectic. I’ve been focusing more on weight training and conditioning over that time as well (as you may have seen in one my previous posts). I needed the opportunity to break the routine (no pun intended) and move differently.

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Photo by R. Nelson. Retrieved from http://gettyimages.ca

A loud, pulsing screech forces you to open your eyes. You turn slowly to see red-lit numbers flashing, the loud sound continuing to blaze into your ears. Your arm feels heavy as you reach over and press the button on top of the clock. You breathe deeply at the relief of silence.

7 am, Monday. It’s time to start the day. It’s time to start the week. You get up out of bed, brush your teeth, eat breakfast and rush out to work hoping that the traffic isn’t as bad as it was last week.

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Just finished uploading a new mix for you guys. I made this one available on soundcloud as well. Download link is on the site (see the below for tracklist and streaming link). I plan to upload my previous mixes to soundcloud in the near future. Use this one for a workout or just to vibe to. DISCLAIMER: I’m not a DJ but I appreciate good music. This was compiled for you to listen and enjoy! click to see the tracklist and stream link

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Take a look at this extended clip from K-os’ “Man I Used To Be” music video. I’ve always liked the scene, but never really looked deeper into it until I accidentally stumbled the extended dance sequence. I was even more impressed watching it again, especially with the different angles and the short commentary from K-os at the end. I checked out the rest of the dance company’s vids and was even more impressed. check out some of the performances from this group

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