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Guess who?

Guess who?

Hey Readers!!

I recently went to visit Montreal and had a chance to check out a gym that a friend of mine works out of. Really cool place that pretty much has everything you need for a well rounded workout, as well as for MMA/martial arts strength and conditioning. Check out “R Gym” on their facebook page, and if you’re in the city you can always visit the facility.

I used the opportunity to film a quick series of “self-study” vids, just to get an idea of how I’m performing some of my exercises. I’ve found that the last while I’ve focused a lot more on weight training, so its important that I make sure that I give myself as strong a critique as I would for any of my own clients/patients. If I’m not willing to fix my own faults, then it’s much more difficult to convince another person of his own.

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My Training Tools Today

Time hasn’t been my best friend lately. Unfortunately it keeps me restricted from being able to get as much work done towards my fitness and health as I’d like to commit. Either way, it’s no excuse to have absolutely no activity, so I decided to do a quick workout today using the above tools. Don’t let supposed restrictions hold you back from doing whats good for you. Remember that no matter how hard you work, someone is out there working just as hard or even harder than you. But also be aware of pushing too far past your limits. Know when to listen to your body: it will either tell you a lie (I won’t do push ups today, I don’t feel like sweating) or will tell you the truth (geez, I haven’t eaten for 12 hours, and only slept for 3. Maybe I should get some nutrients and rest in my system before training for 2.5 hours nonstop). Click To See The Workout

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Warrior Dash 2011. Image from "Warrior Dash" Trailer 2011

This Saturday (July 9, 2011) should be pretty interesting. I found out about a race called the Warrior Dash last year, but to my disappointment found out there weren’t any races happening anywhere near the GTA. Early this year I discovered that they had added an Ontario race in Barrie, and I signed up right away. What better way to make use of my skills as a traceur? I’ll be climbing, crawling, jumping… all against time. The only catch is that I’m not used to running the 5km. Obstacles should be easy (at least I hope so) but 5km is a bit of a stretch from what I’m used to. I put together this workout as a way to simulate race as closely as I could. Tried it back in February and found it pretty tough, but then exams came around and made it tough for me to keep up with my training. I’ve been running 5km as often as I could (maybe once a week) for the last month but still have yet to try this again… maybe sometime after the race.

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"Train, you must!"

Ok, so I’m a day late with the wishes, but yesterday was Star Wars Day  (something important for all my fellow nerds out there). Figured it was appropriate to name a workout after what I’d hope was a festive day. So here we have it, another bboy workout from TvB! This is meant as just a quick means of conditioning (improving muscular endurance, strength, getting some cardio benefits as well). I haven’t tried this one out yet, but its still guaranteed to make you sweat a bit. Click To See The Workout!

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Some of my readers might know that I’m going for my second degree in college. Looking at the timing, you’d understand the title, but maybe not the immediate connection between the two. The other night I had trouble focusing on preparing for one of my major exams and so I asked for help via my twitter account. The request: every time I was caught online, I would add 10 push ups to the “push up bank,” which I would complete later in the week post-exams. 150 push ups later and we have the following video. Click here to keep reading and see the video

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Put together a new workout for today! Instead of typing it out I figured I’d just post a video link. Click the photo below for the video.



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Here’s a workout I did with a few of my clients the other day. I figured that I may as well share it with a few of the cardio freaks that want to get some strength training in with their workout. Here it is. You’ll need access to a track/treadmill/pre-measured open running space: keep reading to see the workout

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