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Guess who?

Guess who?

Hey Readers!!

I recently went to visit Montreal and had a chance to check out a gym that a friend of mine works out of. Really cool place that pretty much has everything you need for a well rounded workout, as well as for MMA/martial arts strength and conditioning. Check out “R Gym” on their facebook page, and if you’re in the city you can always visit the facility.

I used the opportunity to film a quick series of “self-study” vids, just to get an idea of how I’m performing some of my exercises. I’ve found that the last while I’ve focused a lot more on weight training, so its important that I make sure that I give myself as strong a critique as I would for any of my own clients/patients. If I’m not willing to fix my own faults, then it’s much more difficult to convince another person of his own.

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