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A sample of what I would eat for a (pseudo) paleo meal.

For the past several months I’ve been heavily contemplating a change in diet. I’ve seen how my changes in physical activity have been able to benefit me in doing parkour or bboying. I knew for a fact that if I’d changed my eating patterns that I’d only see greater improvement in how I move and how I live in my daily life. As a Personal Trainer and, now a current student of Athletic Therapy, I’ve always paid more attention to a person’s biomechanics in order for them to be healthy. Nutrition is just as important as physical activity in determining the health of an individual. As living beings we are designed to move, so it’s only natural that it’s incorporated in our everyday lives (think about the time spent walking, carrying groceries, playing with kids, etc). However the way we eat has changed over the years. We’re never really sure if what we’re eating is real or synthetic, processed or completely natural, clean or infested with toxins and chemicals. In addition, the proportions of different food types have changed over the years so that not-so-ideal foods have become predominant in our stores and on our dinner plates. Food is our primary fuel source. We ingest it and it becomes a part of physiological make-up. It’s somewhat scary to think about the fact that unless we supervise the growth of our own food, we can never be 100% about what we’re putting into ourselves. We can’t be sure about the extent to which the things we’re eating can positively or negatively influence our body.

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