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I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus the last few months. Finishing the last bit of exams for school and just overall being really busy with… stuff. Lots of stuff (you can see some photos of the stuff I’ve been doing at the Flickr link to the right). Overall, the last few months have been crazy!! I got to meet a lot of amazing people and learned quite a bit with regards to movement, rehab, strength and conditioning, and just overall health and wellness. Perhaps if I get a chance I may share some of that knowledge on my blog.

For now, I just have some videos below from my training today.  I had a friend of mine (I’m jumping with him in the second clip) pushing me to do some jumps I haven’t done before/in a while. Proof that training in groups has its benefits.

All the best to those reading and keep checking back for more posts!! Click To See The Vids


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