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Anton Krupicka - Well known American ultramarathon runner.

Continuing from the last rant I posted, I have a few other rebuttals and discussion points with regards to running and doing other training methods.

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MetaFlex! with that post race swag stance. Yeah, I did it.

After posting my warrior dash workout last week, I thought I was prepared for a good challenge. Oh, how the contrary is quick to make itself known. This race took a lot out of me. It wasn’t so much the obstacles that got to me (I mean I do parkour… I don’t mean to come off as the bragging type, but its something I train in pretty regularly. A 6 foot wall is nothing to climb over). It was the run itself that I was worried about. In anticipation of that, I ran 5km as often as I could. Not very often, because I’m not the running type. About once a week for a month and a half was enough to get me prepped to at least be able to finish the required distance.

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Warrior Dash 2011. Image from "Warrior Dash" Trailer 2011

This Saturday (July 9, 2011) should be pretty interesting. I found out about a race called the Warrior Dash last year, but to my disappointment found out there weren’t any races happening anywhere near the GTA. Early this year I discovered that they had added an Ontario race in Barrie, and I signed up right away. What better way to make use of my skills as a traceur? I’ll be climbing, crawling, jumping… all against time. The only catch is that I’m not used to running the 5km. Obstacles should be easy (at least I hope so) but 5km is a bit of a stretch from what I’m used to. I put together this workout as a way to simulate race as closely as I could. Tried it back in February and found it pretty tough, but then exams came around and made it tough for me to keep up with my training. I’ve been running 5km as often as I could (maybe once a week) for the last month but still have yet to try this again… maybe sometime after the race.

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