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Some of my readers might know that I’m going for my second degree in college. Looking at the timing, you’d understand the title, but maybe not the immediate connection between the two. The other night I had trouble focusing on preparing for one of my major exams and so I asked for help via my twitter account. The request: every time I was caught online, I would add 10 push ups to the “push up bank,” which I would complete later in the week post-exams. 150 push ups later and we have the following video. Click here to keep reading and see the video


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I normally don’t get gushy and write a bunch of super personal notes up on my blog, but I figure I can make exceptions here and there. Just a quick disclaimer: I suck at story telling. If the story’s boring, its only cuz it was much more fascinating at the time I experienced it and I’m horrible at recreating any type of event….Moving along now.

Today started off on an interesting note. I intended to wake up really early to get some studying done (for those unaware, yes I’m still pursuing further education). I figured that I’ve been working pretty hard the last few days, so today I should take a break and sleep in a little. Sleeping in a little turned into about 30 min past the planned wake up time, so I had to rush and get a few things together before jumping out the door. keep reading the rest of my story!

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I’ve been posting quite a bit the last little while, and really I should be staying away from blogging for the next while (students can relate with being in the stress season that the beginning of April brings). I’ve had this vid sent to me a few times, so i figure I may as well post it since its catching the attention of many non-traceurs (the people sending it to me are all “movers” by their own right. Fellow bboys, capoeiristas, etc). I’ll agree its pretty amazing… the music does catch my attention quite a bit as well.
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… since I wrote a big list of my goals (I realized I wrote down 4 months in my original post, 3 months is good enough of a timeline i guess). A perfect opportunity for me to put my words into practice. So whats been happening the last few months? Have my goals changed? Have I been consistent?
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Put together a new workout for today! Instead of typing it out I figured I’d just post a video link. Click the photo below for the video.



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