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What is it?

Plyometrics is a method of training that involves fast, explosive movements. These days it’s pretty well recognized, as it’s become a staple of many strength and conditioning programs for athletes of various sports (1). Even the non-athlete/weekend warrior/once-in-a-while-active-person have incorporated aspects of this training into their workout routines (P90X anyone?). The gist of it lies in the physics of what happens during the movement. In its most basic sense, plyometrics is trying to maximize the force of a muscular contraction and minimize the amount of time it takes for that contraction to happen.  keep reading


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Take a look at this extended clip from K-os’ “Man I Used To Be” music video. I’ve always liked the scene, but never really looked deeper into it until I accidentally stumbled the extended dance sequence. I was even more impressed watching it again, especially with the different angles and the short commentary from K-os at the end. I checked out the rest of the dance company’s vids and was even more impressed. check out some of the performances from this group

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Making this a short post.

It’s been a month since I made the goal setting post to give you some guidelines about the new years resolutions many of you probably hoped to keep. This is a good opportunity to go back to my goals and just take a quick glance at how I’ve been keeping up with everything. Like I said, I’m keeping this post as short as possible.

Random picture of Lucas Bishop for no reason except that he's cool. Improved fitness = one step closer to having super powers (a good analogy for you comic book nerds like me).

BBOYING: I’ve been doing it when I had the opportunity. As most people, I have life to blame for taking away from my time to practice, but I stayed true to my goal of working on my footwork. I even received help from few friends to improve on the skills I listed. Toprocking still needs to be worked on.

PARKOUR: Still hitting weights on occasion, but with little opportunity to practice true skills. This was pretty much expected, given that I don’t have a training facility readily available to me.

OTHER: Hand balancing has been thrown in everyday in little pieces. I’ve made a habit of doing a single handstand everyday at least once (mostly when I’m bored). Cardiovascular endurance is improved. I did my first 5km run about a week ago (in prep for an event that I will post about in the near future). Blog posts are more personal… I think.

So how are your new years resolutions looking so far? Reassess and make changes to your goals as needed. Check the things your doing and see if they are working for or against your goals. As much as I emphasize all this, try to not make your goals stressful on your life. It should merely be a guideline to help improve the quality of your livelihood.

To end…  Homeboy Sandman on a 2 Hungry Bros production.



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