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For lack of better names, here’s the Simplicity Workout. Very quick and simple to do and doesn’t need a lot of equipment. Check the vid for a demonstration and let me know if you have any questions about it.

The workout in a nutshell:

1 Min jump rope
5 Handstand push ups (HSPUs)
10 Standard push ups
10 Jump squats
5 Half burpees

– Completed for at least 5 sets (do more if you’re able to. I got 7 sets on my first try with this workout.)

– If you’re unable to do HSPUs then change the routine so that you are either doing negatives (slowly going down to the bottom position) or taking HSPUs out completely and doing 15-20 standard push ups with the rest of the circuit.

Give me a shout if you have questions!



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It’s New Year’s Day and everyone is probably in the process of getting started with all their resolutions for the year. Honestly speaking, I’m not a huge fan of people making statements and not keeping to their word. A lot of people will make a decision to change aspects of their life, but will hardly take any steps to make the changes. Or they get in the habit of making goals that are unrealistic and get discouraged right away. Another problem characteristic of a lot of people is making the goal too far off in the future to be measurable. It’s a lot easier to see your progress and make changes if you make goals in a shorter time line (let’s say a month, for example) that lead to an overall goal that would be achieved within the year. I’ll be careful not to step into the rant about Goal Setting that I wrote  some time back .

My intention of today’s post is to give an example based on my own goals. These are all goals that I am aiming to work towards within the next 3-4 months, after which I’ll have to re-assess and make changes as I need to.

4 Month Goals for 2011



  • Work on precision
  • Work on speed
  • Work on variation + hitting beats


  • Work on variations + hitting beats

– The freezes, and power that I have will be mixed into my footwork. These will be goals to work towards later in the year

– Will be carried out by looking at various influences (other bboys/bgirls, the mass accumulation of kung fu movies that I purchased before the new year, well known dance styles such as salsa and old school swing/tap styles)

– Practices will be done 2x a weak minimum

This is only half of my collection. Not really a lot imo (maybe its denial of a kung fu addict? Who knows....)

My more recent purchases. Expression says "I LOVE MARTIAL ARTS" all over it. lol


– Maintaining strength + power developed over the summer from various skills (vaults, jumps, wall runs etc)

– Maintaining new skills attained during the summer which include:

  • Diving kong vaults
  • Front flip (from an elevated platform)
  • Back tuck (flip)
  • Butterfly twist

– Reaching and holding on to the 12ft 6in plywood marker using a wall run (at local gym I train at occasionally)

– Maintaining strength and power will be done by lifting weights when time permits (likely 2x per week)

– Flipping skills can be mixed in with bboy sessions. Other skills will be trained occasionally at an indoor facility


– Improve handbalancing. I was working on handstands and planche progressions previously but got sidetracked by school. My goal with these is to get started again within the 4 months, not necessarily make progress just yet (this will come when I eventually move on to freezes in a few months).

– Improve cardiovascular endurance. The majority of the circuits I’ve been posting are plyometric in nature, but also do a good job of improving CV fitness. My intention is to throw more of these routines together at the end of some of my workout sessions or on their own as workout in itself. They’re quick, but not necessarily easy.

– Improve TvB. A lot of the posts I’ve been making are more about other people’s experiences and achievements. I’d like to have a few more personal posts show up on this blog, so that way you (the reader) can see some of the things I’m up to and working on. Hopefully this year will have more to offer in that department.

Use this as an example. This more-or-less follows the SMART format but it’s organized in a way that I can look back at it and know exactly which things I’ve been working on and which things I’ve been slacking on. If you decide to write your goals down it might be better to right a chart or a web diagram or whatever fancy idea you can come up with. Whatever it is, make sure that ultimately you are able to understand it, and that it’s something that you’ll realistically put time into doing. If your goals change, then its ok. Be sure that its for good reason and that you aren’t just changing it because the last set of goals were “too hard” (if this happens often, reassess the realistic-ness of your goal).

All the Best to everyone in the new year!


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