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Dear TvB Readers,

The holidays are a great opportunity to rest, hang out with friends, make some money (those of you that are salesmen/saleswomen or are seasonal workers), and just overall to have a good time. Its also the perfect opportunity get those extra calories in with the five Christmas dinners you were invited to. To help you guys and gals out, I put together a workout routine. Its quick, burns some calories, and gives you a sense of accomplishment that Grandmas home-baked gingerbread cookies can’t give you (unless you call eating a whole tray an accomplishment. To be honest, depending on the day I might call it one). Give this one a shot if you have some time before the festivities get rolling.

This Christmas, say "No!" to violence against gingerbread men

50 sets of:
– Precision/Long Jumps (standing, jump using both feet)
– Push up (just one, I’m feeling generous today)
– Mountain Climbers (10 kicks)

I hope that you all enjoy this workout as much as I did. Please take care, drive safe, eat safe, cook safe and most of all enjoy the time spent with family and friends.

Merry Christmas!



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Holidays Are Here!!

To my readers, I feel bad for not posting anything in the longest while. I’m sure some of you relate to being busy with school (to those unaware I’m still a student) and having to study for and write exams. Now’s the time to sit back and relax. But not too much because we also need to get our physical shape caught up with the mental sharpness we developed over the past few weeks.

To kick start my blog posting for the holidays I’m going to pass on a video sent to me from one of my friends, who just so happens to be both a bgirl and traceuse. The vid features Nadia of Da Funky Style/Funk Fanatix who goes on to win the toprock battle at Juste Debout 2010. The vid is a few months old (9 to be exact) but its just as good to watch.



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