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I know a lot of you guys might be gamers and are currently hooked on your X-box more recently, with the release of the Halo: Reach game last week. As corny as this as I could possibly make this sound, I’ve made a new creation. Well, not entirely new, but it might introduce a few of you to a new series of exercises that you previously thought you never had the resources to do. This probably doesn’t come as a surprise but this has little to do with Halo (unless maybe you’re training to be as strong as Master Chief).

Introducing the Exercise Blocks or “eX-Blox” for short (see? I told you it was corny). Its a simple tool that’s easily constructed and can be used in many ways. Instructions on building it are below (all you need is duct tape and old books). A little demo vid I put together is also there so you guys can get an idea of how you can use it.

Heres what we're making! Simply made, simply used.

1) Grab a set of books. Preferably old useless books, like the phone books I have here. I was pretty lucky getting these since I got them at no cost (except for having to carry them home....)

2) Make sure all the edges are lined up nicely.

3) Begin taping the books from one of the edges of the set of books. I found that doing this helped keep the edges lined up pretty easily. Make sure the first strip is nice and high on the book.

4) Keep the tape going around the set of books...

5) Keep wrapping all the way around the set of books. All together you should go around the books at least twice to make sure they don't fall apart while using them

6) Go through steps 1-5 again but this time a bit lower on the set of books.

7) Use the steps again, but this time in a vertical strip across the set of books

8) And there you have it! A single completed eX-Blox (yes the plural still applies to a single unit)

9) Add the single eX-Blox to your collection. Make as many as you want, but make sure you're using all of them.

And using these things? I took the time to put a small demo vid together so you know exactly how to use them. This is only an example, so be creative as you like in terms of using them.




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The Last Flowers

A video edit from my friend Abla hailing from the province of Quebec. She’s gotten some positive attention from the international community via Urban Freeflow, so its only natural that we send more of it her way.



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I’ve been slacking off on the blog for the last week or so… but with good reason. School’s kicked in, so this means I get to be educated and you readers get to feed off of the knowledge I’m paying so dearly for (please don’t send me emails asking about tuition costs…lol).

Here’s a video to occupy some time until my next post. I sort of stumbled upon this by accident. It shows some interesting variations in performing pistols (single leg squats). I was pretty amazed when I got to 1:48 of the video. If it doesn’t intrigue you, try doing one of these on flat ground, then come back and watch the vid again.

I do have a few (hopefully interesting) posts in mind so please do keep checking. And as a perfect example from today, I do tend to post random stuff I find on the internet (check the last post for example). I’m also expanding some of the categories that I’ll be exploring in the wonderful world of movement. Tell your friends about this blog. It’s meant for you to share, so please feel free to do so.



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Honestly one of the cleanest tricking vids I’ve ever seen. Makes for a good introduction to the tricking scene around the world. Excuse me while I go practice my websters…..

Special thanks again to Curtis for showing me this one (last week lol).



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Summer 2010 part 2

Another edit to close the summer before school kicks in. This gives me an opportunity to say this in the open. Curtis I hate you for having better skills than me and having a better camera and better editing skills…. I WILL SURPASS YOU ONE DAY #endrant.

I only kid… this guy is really cool to train with and to see him getting better like this brings a joyful tear to my eye.

Anyways… heres the vid, enjoy!

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Here’s the new workout to end the week! Good way to start the back-to-school routine. This is the exact same workout I used last week to do an outdoor training session. A short circuit with the following exercises:

10 half burpees (no jump)

Sprint (about 10-12 big steps away from your start point… mark it off before hand)

20 Spiderman (climbers)

10 push ups

Jog to start

Beginners = 1-3 sets, Intermediate = 4-6 sets, Advanced = 7-10, Super Saiyan = 10 +



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