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Parkour ALL WEEKEND LONG! Today is the start of the annual PKTO Summer Jam! I’ve been looking forward to this for the last little while. Literally going to be a weekend of training both indoors and outdoors. People from all over the country and South of the border will be here.

Today’s workout! I’ll keep it a nice, light and simple circuit:

15 push ups

20 lunges (10 for each leg… GO DEEP)

10 inverted rows or pull ups

30 second plank

30 second superman (holds)

go for 3 sets minimum.

I didn’t try this one out, and I have good reason for that 😉 (see above).

To end lets get some music in. Skyzoo and !LLMIND team up in this track. Not much going on in the vid but great production and good lyricism will make you want to listen.




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HERE IT IS!  This one took way too long to put together. I had some trouble constructing a decent tracklist. I still don’t feel that the first few songs fit really well in this, but whatever. Every song still carries the same amount of wholesome, mm mm goodness.

The tracklist is below, as well as the download link. If you missed the last mix, heres the link for that (opens in new window).

METAFLEX! – LISTEN vol 2 (MIX) (July 24, 2010)

01 Muhsinah – That Day, Produced by Oddisee
02 Ian Kamau – DearSummer
03 Dudley Perkins – Flowers
04 Carlitta Durand and Vaughn Garcia – Super Nova
05 U-N-I – The Launch
06 Deepspace 5 – F-words
07 Jay Electronica – Exhibit A
08 MaG – Proud, Gifted, and Black ft. Ki
09 Dert – 94.7 Tidal Wave
10 Deepspace 5 – This Curse I Bear
11 Drake – Say Whats Real
12 Manafest – Runaway
13 DJ Mitsu the Beats – Promise In Love ft. Jose James
14 The ILLZ – Heaven (Higher)
15 Fate – Last Jazz
16 Emay – Human Bomb (They know), Produced by Flynny500
17 The Roots – Dear God 2.0
18 TiRon – For Your Smile
19 MAGr – Flava, Produced by DistantStarr
20 Louis Logic & J.J. Brown – The Great Divide
21 Mos Def – Kalifornia
22 Nujabes (R.I.P.) – Reflection Eternal

DOWNLOAD LISTEN vol 2 (click here)

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I wanted to post a workout like I usually do, however my inability to test it out first has been somewhat hampered (if you remember from last week I was only able to manage an upper body routine). So today I’m posting an article of interest.

I saw this link from a friend and was immediately drawn by the content. The debate on what is considered ideal footwear for working out. You can read the full article here:  NY Times – Phys Ed: Do Certain Types of Sneakers Prevent Injuries?

To summarize: studies have been shown that shoes being recommended for a given foot type (based on arch height/structure) may not be doing their job, and a “stability type” shoe may be best.

Its interesting to see that the shoe debate lives on.

Especially in the parkour community.

Feiyue vs Ariakes vs Five Finger vs Free. Which one wins for parkour?

Bboys (especially the young ones) have the tendency to only care about how fly they look, so its never much of a question about comfort, and more about style.

Puma Suedes wiith fat laces. A classic shoe for many bboys. Image accessed via http://www.kicksonfire.com

Overall, the risk of injury should be looked at more as influenced by the intensity and type of activity. Equipment (including shoes) plays a part in the tendency of injury and definitely should be considered. In the end its how you train that makes or breaks you.

Train Safe 😉



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I’ve been really biased with my posts in the last little while. You may have noticed that I’ve only been putting up stuff relating to parkour, and that I’ve been putting very little effort into spreading or speaking on my love for bboying. This hopefully tips the scale in that direction.

FIRST UP! I promised an update on the Toronto Harbourfront Battles. Well here’s the result. Big ups to the finalists Ground Illusionz (repping Missisauga) and FAM (Toronto):

NEXT! A new vid I came across a couple hours ago from the Albino Zebrahs. These guys are celebrating 13 years of bboying and released this to help commemorate the occasion. Also look out for their all day-night anniversary event coming up August 14th.

TO CLOSE! Heads up for the UNITY Charity Kickoff 2010 happening this weekend (July 24th). If you have time definitely stop by and support positive hip hop in the GTA.

More info can be found here: http://www.unitykickoff.com/

Until next post!



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Another vid, this time featuring Trevor and AJ. This was shot a couple weeks back, and I meant to post it (Trevor, I know you’re reading this, I speak truth! ;))


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A new parkour edit from Curtiss, a friend of mine from T.O.


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The ILLZ, an emcee hailing from New Jersey, has been getting some attention recently from hip hop blogs. He’s probably among the more introspective emcees I’ve heard from. I’m really liking what he offers through his music.

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