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Not a lot here, hopefully a nicely edited video pops up in the near future (**cough-cough**… bullfrog)


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view of St Lawrence Park

Here’s a few pictures from the event that was hosted yesterday in Port Credit/ Lakeshore. In general, it was a very fun meet, and I was introduced to a few interesting people . The rain made for a not-so-normal meet. We were still able to get a good amount of training done for the day. For those that were there, I think you could agree that the warm up alone could count for a good workout (gotta love those burpees!!). I’m still trying to figure out this whole photo posting thing, but for those that are interested I got all the better looking photos up for you to look at. Enjoy!

More photos are soon to come from this event, so DO keep an eye on updates to this post. Have now arrived!! (thanks Bullfrog)

In addition there are more similar events to come! Keep an eye on the blog by subscribing —>

standing around pretending to look cool counts as training, right?

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How come i get a half-eaten pop tart? Except for missing training for a day, I don’t think I did anything to deserve this sort of treatment…. (P.S.: this is exactly how I got it from the package… no tampering whatsoever, lol).

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Today was a fail. My original plan was to post a new workout, but the weather kicked in and pretty much had its way with everything I sought out to do. Ah well, at least I can rest at ease knowing that all existing vegetation will survive a little longer.

Tomorrow on the other hand will (hopefully) be a big day in the local parkour scene, which I intend to post about. I’ll get a few good pics in for those that missed out, and maybe even a video if one decides to pop up (hint to all you camera-carriers that will be present).

In the meantime, enjoy a weather-inspired vid from Reflection Eternal (get on the new album, if you haven’t already)

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I think for starters I may be updating this blog really often. Something understandable, especially since this has only started maybe a few days ago. This is pretty much worth posting however….

An earthquake in T.O.? And I completely missed it because i was too busy running around outside to notice any movement in the ground. Apparently a 5.0 is a big enough of a ground shake to be felt around the city, but what makes it interesting is that its epicenter is believed to be around Quebec just north of Ottawa.


One of the things I’m hoping to do is to post workouts that I’ve done every once in a while, perhaps as a monthly thing. We’ll see what happens as we go along. Here’s the first workout that I’m posting. Truly a tough one… I remember getting this one from a friend and only being able to finish it a 3rd of the way (but then again I was training for about 2-3 hours prior). here it is!!

100 kong vaults

100 push ups

100 precision (length) jumps

all done for time.

Try it out! If you do, please comment, I’d like to know how you did with it. I forgot to time it when I did it. Since I generally don’t excel with endurance based workouts I guess it would make sense that it took me about 40 min to finish.



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Exploring is always a good thing. You always get to find new things that you’d never expect to see, and maybe enjoy something that you never knew existed. With that comes the opportunity to share it with others. The picture above is a perfect example. Something I saw for the first time… at least from this perspective.

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my first video post of a practice. nothing spectacular….

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